First Post – a celebration

I am excited to have set this website up. It was a big learning curve for me (a wanna be geek who had a gift for words but not for numbers as it turned out). From getting domain name and host to installing and configuring wordpress theme and finally making banners using photos from previous years. It took about a week of concentrated effort but at last, its ready to be shared.

I am loving the feeling of accomplishment in having done this (thanks to friend Lucy who gave tips including recommending a wordpress theme and to many wonderful and generous folks who made and posted you tube tutorials about how to do everything under the sun related to setting up websites).

So now, I can shift focus from setting up the tool to sharing what I am passionate about – which is sharing the process of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with people from all walks of life, especially people who are either influencers and will impact many people and contribute to systemic change with your work. And also people who are enthusiastic and keen to find and use tools that will heal, connect and empower. If you are willing to dig deep and discover and free yourself from your conditioned belives and willing to learn new tools and to throw out all the things we were taught which don’t serve us anymore, than I am happy to support you and work with you. Here is a powerful method to connect and resolve conflicts and to communicate. Nonviolent Communiation (NVC) has been truly transformative in my life, both at personal level and in my work across the globe. I hear so many stories from both my clients and my colleagues about the incredibly healing,
connecting and empowering experiences they have had by using NVC. Many people speak of it not only as life changing but also at times as life saving (in terms of those who felt hopeless in their situation and found NVC which gave them real tools and real hope – to connect and understand themselves and others in their lives.

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