Training & Empowerment for Women Activists in many regions of Asia, July 2016


I am remembering with fondness and inspiration the days spent with these amazing women from many different parts of Asia and world, at the beautiful rice growing village outside of Chaing Mai, sharing the power of NVC to transform self, in relating to others and in working to shift the larger systems that impacts so many human beings unjustly. I am moved and inspired by the people who organize this yearly (the International Women Partnership for Peace and Justice) and the contribution they make across the region… and I am excited to have collaborated with them over the years. This year, I traveled to Thailand and offered 4 days of Nonviolent Communication training (skills for staying grounded under trying conditions, gaining self clarity and self compassion, speaking with compassion, listening deeply, etc) for this years group who are part of the Buddhist Education for Social transformation. It was attended by 18 women activists working in fields as diverse as Gender Equality, Environmental Justice, Animal Rights, Health, Youth Empowerment, Education and Permaculture just to name a few, their work touches others in dozens of countries around the world.

Below is a short video made by one of the women who attended last years program and assisted in this years program. I invited anyone from the group who wanted to share their experience of the workshop so that you can hear from them directly the training contributed to them. And here is what they said in a short video (less than 4 minutes):

Nonviolent Communication in Thailand July 2016

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