Trust vs Distrust Paradigm and the consequences for how we see, think and behave

Trust vs Distrust Lecture

A Lecture at the conference “Chaos & Conflict” on 12 February 2016, organised by ArtEZ studium generale (a school for the arts in the Netherlands)
A short synopsis of the talk: There are different ways of viewing the world. Each paradigm and how/what we see through each, has different consequences for the kind of structures we create and support, the way we educate/socialize children, the actions we take in response to others. And the language we have created (historically) and currently use. Jeyanthy Siva will talk about the different theories of the nature of human beings which underlie each of the paradigms and the different ideas/meanings of power in each of the paradigms.

Link to Trust vs Distrust Paradigm Lecture

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