What some previous clients have said

“Such an incredible program that teaches you to examine and understand your own needs as a first step to working towards more empathetic, compassionate and emotionally intelligent interactions. Jeyanthy is excellent, as a guide, instructor and most importantly as a listener. Strongly recommend the session. Loved it.” – Vijaya Dey, 2015 (Washington DC)

“I’ve had numerous coaching sessions with Jeyanthy in which we discussed both professional and personal challenges, goals and aspirations. I can confidently state that in every session Jeyanthy has been able to lead me to explore the roots of various issues in order to discover epiphanies and how to effectively move forward. My work with Jeyanthy has increased my confidence, allowed me to live more in the present moment, and manifest success.” – KM, Canada, 2015 (Senior Manager in international development)

“Jeyanthy has an amazing gift for listening and holding a space where you can be vulnerable, self connected and its safe. From there, we have co-created ideas and I’ve ended up discovering things about myself” – Pradeep Loganathan, 2013 (Businessman, Director of Company)

“What Jeyanthy helped me to realize created a massive shift for me. My whole life started to change. Within days, I began having clear images of me handling situations with ease and with confidence. Within one week, I found confidence in myself to promote and advertise my work that I had struggled to find for years before. I am so amazed at this. Thanks to her input and guidance, life-long fears have somehow utterly evaporated. I am now able to promote my work with ease and confidence and I am clear”. – Gail Taylor, 2002 (Author and Speaker, New York)

“Through your gentle, yet powerful empathy and insight, you have supported me in more ways than you will ever know. I am truly grateful and appreciative.” – P. Jones, 2011 (Donor Relations Officer, United Nations)

“Jeyanthy’s greatest contribution to Singapore has been her willingness to create workshops to meet the specific requirements of her audience. I find her particularly supportive of those participants who have more difficulty expressing their requests, helping them towards finding the sensory and specific language they need to make themselves understood.” – Liz Gay, Singapore, 2003 (Business Coach and trainer)

“I feel powerful and can be fully present again after your workshop. It has kind of unlocked me and I feel fulfilled. I love NVC and am eager to learn more.” – Sonoko Prow, 2014 (Artist, Activist and Director of Kalyanamit Chiangmai, a creative space, Thailand)

Teachers and Mentors

“I have been following Jeyanthy’s passion for giving back to the peoples of her birthplace, Sri Lanka, since she lived in California in the late 1990’s. Her return to Lanka coincided with my visit to the island to offer a nine day International Intensive Training in Nonviolent Communication in Kandy in 2002.
Since then I have been gratified to learn of her continued peacemaking efforts there. I share Jeyanthy’s hopes for the people of Sri Lanka to live in harmony and mutual respect. I appreciate her energy and the devotion that she gives to her country and many others around the world whose lives she has touched”.

– Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D (2008), Center for Nonviolent Communication

“I am grateful for the great gifts that Jeyanthy Siva is bringing to the people of Sri Lanka. They include her own life experiences as a Tamil emigree, as well as her sensitivity and highly developed skills in training people in the art of compassionate communication. We have worked together for four years, both in the US and Sri Lanka, and I wholeheartedly support her in her life’s work.”

– Joanna Macy (Jan. 2007) Author, Teacher, Visionary