Power, Privilege and the body

A short video we made to let people know about the upcoming Nonviolent Communication International Intensive Training (IIT) focused on topics of Power, Privilege and the body.

A conversation between Miki Kashtan and myself, two of the trainers (along with Roxy Manning, Sarah Peyton & Bob Wentworth) who will be conducting the training. It contains excerpts from a conversation where we talk about the upcoming IIT in Dec 2017 in Northern California (within an hour from the San Fransisco bay area). It touches on what we are excited about, what participants can expect to gain from attending and what kinds of outcomes we expect/hope to come out of these days together.

Trust vs Distrust Paradigm and the consequences for how we see, think and behave

Trust vs Distrust Lecture

A Lecture at the conference “Chaos & Conflict” on 12 February 2016, organised by ArtEZ studium generale (a school for the arts in the Netherlands)
A short synopsis of the talk: There are different ways of viewing the world. Each paradigm and how/what we see through each, has different consequences for the kind of structures we create and support, the way we educate/socialize children, the actions we take in response to others. And the language we have created (historically) and currently use. Jeyanthy Siva will talk about the different theories of the nature of human beings which underlie each of the paradigms and the different ideas/meanings of power in each of the paradigms.

Link to Trust vs Distrust Paradigm Lecture

Training & Empowerment for Women Activists in many regions of Asia, July 2016


I am remembering with fondness and inspiration the days spent with these amazing women from many different parts of Asia and world, at the beautiful rice growing village outside of Chaing Mai, sharing the power of NVC to transform self, in relating to others and in working to shift the larger systems that impacts so many human beings unjustly. I am moved and inspired by the people who organize this yearly (the International Women Partnership for Peace and Justice) and the contribution they make across the region… and I am excited to have collaborated with them over the years. This year, I traveled to Thailand and offered 4 days of Nonviolent Communication training (skills for staying grounded under trying conditions, gaining self clarity and self compassion, speaking with compassion, listening deeply, etc) for this years group who are part of the Buddhist Education for Social transformation. It was attended by 18 women activists working in fields as diverse as Gender Equality, Environmental Justice, Animal Rights, Health, Youth Empowerment, Education and Permaculture just to name a few, their work touches others in dozens of countries around the world.

Below is a short video made by one of the women who attended last years program and assisted in this years program. I invited anyone from the group who wanted to share their experience of the workshop so that you can hear from them directly the training contributed to them. And here is what they said in a short video (less than 4 minutes):

Nonviolent Communication in Thailand July 2016

To be happy, don’t get used to it!

On the benefits of living from “beginner’s mind” as a daily practice… whether through sitting meditation or walking in nature or empathy and listening to connect with ourselves at deeper level… the practice of coming into the present moment and seeing clearly and seeing with freshness the people, the things, the gifts that are already in our lives… as the way to happiness in daily life. One way to remind ourselves of this is to take us out of our familiar environments and to experience new things… whether its through traveling to new places or in other ways to explore, learn, interact with human beings… Even science is now supporting this age old and perhaps obvious insight:

“One of our enemies of happiness is adaption,” says Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University who’s been researching the correlation between money and happiness for decades. “We buy things to make us happy, and we succeed, but only for a little while. New things are exciting to us at first, but then we adapt to them.”


Sample Live Coaching Session

Supporting a parent and child interaction through emphatically coaching a mother through an issue with her 3 1/2 year old daughter.

After first meeting on “Inner Freedom, Outer Power”

Monday 9 March 2015
Comment from participant member of group on “Inner Freedom, Outer Power”

“Kom geïnspireerd terug van de Inner Freedom, Outer Power Peergroup van Jeyanthy Siva. Heb (weer eens) de kracht van (stille) compassie en geweldloze feedback ervaren. Dat wat werd gedeeld raakte me, inspireerde me en maakt me blij, want heerlijk om saamhorigheid te ervaren.feeling inspired.”

—- Annemiek van der Krogt

First Post – a celebration

I am excited to have set this website up. It was a big learning curve for me (a wanna be geek who had a gift for words but not for numbers as it turned out). From getting domain name and host to installing and configuring wordpress theme and finally making banners using photos from previous years. It took about a week of concentrated effort but at last, its ready to be shared.

I am loving the feeling of accomplishment in having done this (thanks to friend Lucy who gave tips including recommending a wordpress theme and to many wonderful and generous folks who made and posted you tube tutorials about how to do everything under the sun related to setting up websites).

So now, I can shift focus from setting up the tool to sharing what I am passionate about – which is sharing the process of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with people from all walks of life, especially people who are either influencers and will impact many people and contribute to systemic change with your work. And also people who are enthusiastic and keen to find and use tools that will heal, connect and empower. If you are willing to dig deep and discover and free yourself from your conditioned belives and willing to learn new tools and to throw out all the things we were taught which don’t serve us anymore, than I am happy to support you and work with you. Here is a powerful method to connect and resolve conflicts and to communicate. Nonviolent Communiation (NVC) has been truly transformative in my life, both at personal level and in my work across the globe. I hear so many stories from both my clients and my colleagues about the incredibly healing,
connecting and empowering experiences they have had by using NVC. Many people speak of it not only as life changing but also at times as life saving (in terms of those who felt hopeless in their situation and found NVC which gave them real tools and real hope – to connect and understand themselves and others in their lives.