Power, Privilege and the body

A short video we made to let people know about the upcoming Nonviolent Communication International Intensive Training (IIT) focused on topics of Power, Privilege and the body.

A conversation between Miki Kashtan and myself, two of the trainers (along with Roxy Manning, Sarah Peyton & Bob Wentworth) who will be conducting the training. It […]

Trust vs Distrust Paradigm and the consequences for how we see, think and behave

Trust vs Distrust Lecture

A Lecture at the conference “Chaos & Conflict” on 12 February 2016, organised by ArtEZ studium generale (a school for the arts in the Netherlands) A short synopsis of the talk: There are different ways of viewing the world. Each paradigm and how/what we see through each, has different consequences for […]

Training & Empowerment for Women Activists in many regions of Asia, July 2016

I am remembering with fondness and inspiration the days spent with these amazing women from many different parts of Asia and world, at the beautiful rice growing village outside of Chaing Mai, sharing the power of NVC to transform self, in relating to others and in working to shift the larger systems that impacts […]

To be happy, don’t get used to it!

On the benefits of living from “beginner’s mind” as a daily practice… whether through sitting meditation or walking in nature or empathy and listening to connect with ourselves at deeper level… the practice of coming into the present moment and seeing clearly and seeing with freshness the people, the things, the gifts that are already […]

Sample Live Coaching Session

Supporting a parent and child interaction through emphatically coaching a mother through an issue with her 3 1/2 year old daughter.

After first meeting on “Inner Freedom, Outer Power”

Monday 9 March 2015 Comment from participant member of group on “Inner Freedom, Outer Power”

“Kom ge├»nspireerd terug van de Inner Freedom, Outer Power Peergroup van Jeyanthy Siva. Heb (weer eens) de kracht van (stille) compassie en geweldloze feedback ervaren. Dat wat werd gedeeld raakte me, inspireerde me en maakt me blij, want heerlijk om […]