Leadership Coaching

Life and Leadership Coaching

Do you want support to clarify your goals and to achieve them?
Are you having conflict or problems with a person which you want to resolve?
Are you needing to have a difficult conversation (e.g., ask for a promotion, give feedback, discipline a subordinate, etc.,?)
Are you in a stressful situation where it would help to have someone confidential who has your interest at heart with whom you can sound off ideas or talk things out with?

What you can expect:
Within limited amount of sessions, we will be working towards your specific goal(s). It will be a nonjudgmental space where you can speak about whatever you want to speak about. If you decide you want to have a conversation with other person(s) involved, using my 15 years of experience as a communication trainer, I can give you specific tools and practices in how to communicate in an effective way.

One-on-one coaching can support you to connect with your own needs in any difficult situation and decide how you want to proceed. Individual mentoring can help you to create a full-filling life personally and professionally.

I offer coaching for leaders and managers in business, NGOs and in lifeā€¦ whether you are leading your life or leading people around you.

Complete confidentially is assured.