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Stepping into the truth of who we are (Decolonizing our minds)

8 September 2017 @ 2:00 pm - 27 October 2017 @ 4:00 pm

We are so much bigger than our individual identities – identities shaped by stories of inferiority/superiority that justify social hierarchies. With this 6-part series we plan to explore with compassion and humility the effects of this kind of thinking in our lives.

We will be looking at the often invisible ways we limit ourselves, the ways we may have internalized beliefs and expectations of ourselves that might stop us from acting more powerfully in the world. How do stories of class, caste, skin colour, race and gender persist in us? And what can we do to question these beliefs and, in the long-term, initiate social change on an institutional level?

Our intention is to form a learning community where we will be exploring topics such as:
• What is “self”? How can we honor and bring into presence the Universal Self?
• How can we see and acknowledge the context into which we are born? How do we talk with others about power dynamics? The legacy of colonization and modern-day inequities
• How do we connect with others across differences of rank and privilege without reproducing the dynamic of power-over/power-under? How can we be compassionate with ourselves in the process?
• What do we need in order to “speak truth to power”?
• From knowing who we are, how can we live a joyful life and contribute to the world in whatever way we can within our sphere of influence?
• Other themes based on your interest and requests

Optional Support

This course includes 6 teleclasses with options for:
• Empathy buddy exchanges outside of class
• Recordings of interviews with guest speakers
• Mentoring and empathy for NVC facilitators so you can be more effective and powerful in what you already do

Fridays in September and October, 2017

Sept. 8 – Teleclass
Sept. 15 – Teleclass
Sept. 22 – Teleclass
Sept. 29 – Optional meeting for support or mentoring
Oct. 7 – Optional meeting for support or mentoring
Oct. 13 – Teleclass
Oct. 20 – Teleclass
Oct. 27 – Teleclass

5:00 am – North America (PST)
2:00 pm – Europe (Central)
5:30 pm – Sri Lanka, India
7:00 pm – Thailand
5:45 pm – Nepal
9:00pm – Japan
(We will offer this again so if you are interested but cannot make these dates or times, please let us know your
preferences so we can keep it mind for the next offering).

By Mutual Gifting – Our intention is to hold a global dialogue on these issues and form a community that empowers us all.

To register, please email either Jeyanthy <info@sandhi.org> or Mika <mikamaniwa@outlook.com>


Jeyanthy Siva is an international trainer in Communication, conflict resolution and healing/reconciliation. Recently Jeyanthy has been passionate about raising awareness around impact of power/privilege and changing structures of power in the NVC network. For many years, she has been working to contextualize teaching of NVC for languages and cultures of Sri Lanka and other parts of Asia. She has been developing curriculum incorporating the perspectives of power/privilege into teaching NVC both in Asia and in western contexts.

Mika Maniwa is a Japanese Canadian trainer in Nonviolent Communication. She lives in Vancouver, Canada and has been facilitating NVC practice groups for 10 years, teaching, coaching and supporting parents, facilitators and individuals who long for better relationships with those who matter the most to them. She is passionate about creating groups in which people of diverse life experiences can experience belonging, safety and mutual discovery.


Painting by Padrig Morton


8 September 2017 @ 2:00 pm
27 October 2017 @ 4:00 pm